Fulament .STL Picks: FDM Edition November 2021

Fulament .STL Picks: FDM Edition November 2021

Fulament .STL Picks: FDM Edition - November 2021

Running out of files to print? No worries! We'll come out with our top 5 favorite things to print for both FDM and resin printers each month! The entire Fulament staff is tasked with finding as many cool .stl's as possible. They are sent to search in the deepest corners of the internet to find the prettiest, most detailed, and unique parts out there. Here are our top FDM picks for November:

    • Odile The Swan
    • Octopus
    • Baby Scrat
    • The Genie from Aladdin
    • Aquaticus the Water Dragon


Odile The Swan

Filament: Fulament Silk PLA Series - Lavender

Thingiverse Link

Author: Loubie

Price: Free

Odile the Swan is a fan favorite print! We take this to any faire or event we attend, and it's a show stopper! The beautiful file mixed with our Silk Lavender PLA leads to a print that changes color based on it's viewing angle and lighting.


Filament: Fulament Matte PLA Series - Navy Blue

MyMiniFactory Link

Author: Francesco Orrù

Price: Free

This Octopus is my favorite print of all time. It's the perfect file to display my favorite Fulament color. I'm a sucker for matte, and what better animal to show our Navy Blue than this detailed Octopus.

Baby Scrat

Filament: Fulament Matte PLA Series - Brown


Author: Alsamen

Price: Free

Have kids? Or maybe you just love Ice Age yourself. Scrat is an adorable (acorn-obsessed) hairy friend that looks great 3D printed. Bring this around to the next family event and be the next cool uncle or aunt.

The Genie From Aladdin

Filament: Fulament Standard PLA Series - Light Blue

Thingiverse Link

Author: JS-Studio

Price: Free

Who doesn't love Genie? This part is printed in two pieces and has a remarkable amount of detail and definition, all without the need for supports. Our Standard PLA light blue just so happens to be the exact shade required for this print ;).

Aquaticus The Water Dragon

Filament: Fulament Standard PLA Series - Red

Thingiverse Link

Author: MakerBot

Price: Free

Do a quick search for Dragons on Thingiverse, and you'll wander into a supports nightmare. Makerbot managed to design a beautifully detailed dragon without any support structures needed (We hate printing with supports)!

Did you guys enjoy this new series? If this is something you want to see more of in the future, please let us know in the comments!(And share your favorite files)

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