Fula-Flex 2.0 Shop by Printer Feature Release!

Fula-Flex 2.0 Shop by Printer Feature Release!

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Hope you are all enjoying your holiday season! We wanted to give you guys an update on a feature that we've been working on for quite some time. For the last two years we've been selling Fula-Flex by the size of the flex plate. As we have added more sizes and variations, this has become increasingly more confusing. The number one reason for returns and exchanges through our website are people ordering the incorrect size. With our new feature, you can buy our Fula-Flex plates by selecting your printer brand and model. Once selected, our backend system will automatically select the correct size. If you still prefer to shop by size, just select the "size" option under the "Printer Brand" dropdown. This feature will also be added to our replacement magnets in the coming weeks. We hope that you find this new feature useful, and are open to any and all feedback! 

Checkout the Feature in Action: 


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