Happy Holidays!

Check out or new and redesigned website!

After weeks of planning and redesigning, we are proud to show off our redesigned website focused on helping you and many other customers find the products you need as fast as possible. If you like what you see, join us in showing our appreciation to our design team by clicking the picture and giving it a look!

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V.4 Artillery Sidewinder in Stock

We have received more inventory of our high demand Artillery Sidewinder printer. Get yours now in time for the holiday season!

Fulament Filament Holder!

We are more than excited to announce the design and production of a new filament holder. This is the first of many products custom made by Fulament, it is made to help clean your filament dry, and take the weight off the top of your printer. It is built on a rolling system with a PTFE tube to prevent your filament from getting dirty or stuck on anything.