Revamped Rewards Program

We are excited to announce our revamped rewards program designed to give back to our loyal returning customers. It is important to note that these new changes have no effect on any customer's existing loyalty points or rewards. What's even more exciting than our new rewards program, is our new Hermera 3D printer.

3% Return

All purchases made on Fulament earn 3% back on qualifying products. The more you spend, the more discounts you can earn on things like filament rolls, flexplates, printers, and more!

Sign Up Bonus

If you know any friends or acquaintances that have not signed up for a Fulament account yet, let them know that signing up gives you a $5 discount on any product listed on the site.

Social Media

Sharing or shouting out fulament on your personal Instagram or Facebook page will make you eligible for more loyalty points. A simple share on Facebook or just following the Fulament account on Instagram can grant you 10 loyalty points.

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Revamped Rewards

Revamped Rewards

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