Installing Fulament’s Hemera Mount on the Sidewinder X1

Guide by Chanh Phuong

Step 0: If you have BLTouch, make sure you printed V1 of this mount and install the BLTouch and run the wires before doing anything. 

Note: You should run the wires before mounting Hemera to this mount.

Step 1: Install the supplied Hemera bolts, 4 bolts if you’re using the Volcano Heatblock and 3 bolts if you’re using the V6.

Step 2: Insert T-Nuts in these spots

Step 3: Remove these screws from the Hemera Stepper Motor

Step 4: Insert M3 Nuts here

Step 5: Install PCB Mount to stepper motor using the screws removed earlier

Step 6: Install PCB onto the mount using M3x8 Bolts

Step 7: After plugging in what you can, mount Hemera to your x-axis carriage.

Happy Printing!