E3D Brass Volcano Nozzle

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Fulament is proud to partner with E3D to bring you amazing parts, upgrades, and support. E3D is known to pave the way for new extruder technologies and provides amazing products that spare no expense. E3D is the go to brand for premium products that work out of the box!

E3D Brass Volcano Nozzle

High-performance brass nozzles for your Volcano HotEnd. From super-fine to super-fat layering,
you'll be making stronger, faster and bigger prints in no time with the Volcano HotEnd PowerUp!
These nozzles are immediately compatible with the Lulzbot Moarstruder, but many RepRap 3D
printers can be upgraded with an E3D Volcano.

These nozzles are used with the Volcano block and packs to print at large layer heights and
extremely high flow rates.
E3D Volcano nozzles are super-fast printing nozzles for use with the Volcano block and packs to
print large layer heights at extremely high flow rates. Volcano nozzles have extra-long heated melt
zones for ultimate filament melt speeds. E3D have also carefully crafted the internal geometry to
optimise flow and throughput, as well as ensuring the nozzle tip is appropriately sized for flattening
down extra wide printed traces.
E3D nozzles are easily identified by the numbers of dots drilled into the nozzle hex flats (see table).

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