Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D Printer (Newest V.4)

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What is the Fulament warranty?

The Fulament warranty is an optional added layer of protection that comes with your printer. We open up and inspect every printer and tighten every bolt, belt, and wheel on your new machine. After initial inspection we run a long test print install cable sprains. After delivery, we also take care of part replacements. Usually when something goes wrong with your printer, you must get it fixed through your manufacturers warranty. Most of these manufacturers are overseas, responding in different time zones, and purposefully make it difficult for you to receive parts. They will be slow in responding, require tons of proof, and then send out your parts with the slowest international shipping possible. By the time you get your printer fixed its been two months. With the Fulament warranty we handle troubleshooting and diagnostics in-house with our local support team. We also ship spare parts the next day with 3 business day shipping, or even faster for an additional fee.

What is covered by the Fulament warranty?

The warranty covers all manufacturer defects within a year of delivery. We will go through some troubleshooting first to attempt and fix the problem or isolate the issue. As soon as we are able to diagnose the issue we will ship out the required replacement parts free of charge. We do not cover parts that have been modified or have failed due to an attempted modification.

Who is the Fulament warranty for?

The warranty is perfect for small business owners or enthusiasts who cannot afford to have their printers down for a long period of time. We understand that these printers need to be cranking out parts 24/7 and we will do our best to keep them up running at all times. And when they do go down we want to be able to provide quick service and replacements.