Meet the Team!

Bahij Nemeh

CEO | Founder

Bahij founded Fulament in 2019 with the goal of putting quality and reliable products in 3D printing enthusiasts' hands. As Fulament's journey continues, his enthusiasm for meeting new people and opportunities arises

Rachel Livshits

Director of Administration

Rachel is Fulament's Director of Administration and holds the entire team together. From running our social media to organizing major Fulament operations, Rachel ensures things are working efficiently and correctly.

Christopher Carbonaro

Fulfilment Coordinator

Chris is a huge part of Fulament's warehouse operations. Through organizing receiving, distributing, packing, and shipping, he helps keep our customers satisfied with the quickest shipping times in the game!

Fulament's Timeline

The Beginning of Fulament
January 2019

Starting Fulament while still in college, Bahij used his basement to its full potential. Filled with printers, parts, and tools, every square inch was utilized efficiently. It was also never this clean.... This is the one good picture we were able to find. 

Fulament goes live with PLA!
April 2019

After months of development, Fulament releases its first line of PLA. At this point, there was no website and all sales were on Amazon. With mild success, the first 1,000 rolls sold out within 3 months! 

Then there was Fula-Flex
June 2019

This is the product that launched Fulament to where it is today. Within its first 8 months, over 5k units were sold. The Fula-Flex was always out of stock, with customer demand far exceeding our manufacturing capabilities. 

Matte PLA is born!
July 2019

Obsesses with matte finished, Bahij was determined to bring an alternate to the glossy finish of all filaments available on the market. The goal was to create a filament reserved only for printing masterpieces. Matte PLA arrived in July with high tolerances, a neatly winded roll, and an affordable price! 

The First Big Move
January 2020

After seeing the potential, Bahij dropped out of college to pursue Fulament full-time. He moved the business from his basement to a retail location with plenty of space to house the growing inventory and potential new staff!

Chris and Rachel Join the Team!
June - July 2020

As sales began to grow, Bahij knew he needed help managing the day to day operations. Rachel joined the team as Administrative Director and shortly after Chris joined as Fulfillment Coordinator.

Fula-Flex 2.0, New and Improved 
September 2020

After its initial success, Fulament's flagship product was due for a refresh. Featuring thicker spring steel, PEI, and a refined powder coating, Fula-Flex 2.0 was ready for its debut. Pre-orders started in September, and is now shipping as of December. 

Fula-Flex: Resin Edition
October 2020

With great success making FDM flex plates, Fulament was ready to release one for resin printers. Finally eliminating the painful scraping of delicate parts from build plates, this product would transform the resin printing experiance! 

What's coming next?
2021 and Beyond

Fulament has many great things for 2021. New lines of filament and never seen before resin have just entered production as of November 2020. Next year will also be seeing the addition of Fula-Box. With rapidly growing sales and staff, Fulament will be moving to a much larger warehouse as well. We are very excited for what's coming next, and thank you for being a part of the journey!