About Us

The Founder of Fulament 

Bahij Nemeh is currently a sophomore mechanical engineering student. Mainly working out of his basement, Bahij has a built a trustworthy and impressive brand that carries out his dream of putting quality and reliable products in 3D printing enthusiasts' hands. Nemeh's passion for printing began as early as his freshman year of high school and doesn't fail in continuing to grow by the day. Bahij promotes an environment of innovation and change by advising and helping others around him. As Fulament's journey continues, Bahij's enthusiasm about meeting new people and opportunities increases.  

Our Mission and Promise

 Providing tested quality products at a reasonable price is the authentic and simple mission that Fulament lives to serve. After experiencing the frustration of products from cheap foreign companies, Fulament has worked hard to maintain a brand of quality and reliability through rigorous testing procedures that account for all printer environments and circumstances.

Tested By the Best 

 Fulament products are evaluated by Nemeh himself, a team of chosen professionals, and hardcore hobbyists spanning across dozens of printers and applications. Products go through testing for about 4 weeks before reaching a conclusion. From there, products can either be brought to the market, or revaluated for improvements.