Fula-Flex Resin Edition Adhesion Troubleshooting

Increase Base Layer Exposure Times

The stainless steel Fula-Flex plate tends to be smoother than many of the stock sandblasted aluminum platforms and will need a higher base layer exposure time. Increase in increments of 5 seconds until you achieve reliable adhesion. You should not end up increasing your stock times by more than 15 seconds.

Re-Level the Bed

Incorrect bed leveling during installation or re-calibration can cause your prints to have poor adhesion. Try leveling your printer again, making sure to properly calibrate the distance between the screen and flexplate, and ensuring that you save the new Z=0 position.

Sanding the Flex Plate

If none of the previous steps worked, you can try roughing up the surface with 400 grit sandpaper. Be careful to sand very gently and in a circular pattern. After sanding, make sure you aggressively clean both sides of the flexplate from any metal shavings, as they can damage your printer and contaminate your resin.

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