Installation guide

Fula-Flex: Resin Edition(No Endstop Modification)

Step 1

Congrats on your new Fula-Flex plate!

Make sure you visit the "Getting Started" page to make sure you are following the right guide for your resin printer!

Congratulations on your new Fula-Flex: Resin Edition plate. Now that you've verified that you are on the right guide, let's get started!

Step 3

Optional: Sanding the Stock Build Plate

Please follow the next few build prep steps closely. This is essential for a durable, long-lasting magnet.

Optional: Sand your stock build surface with 400 grit sandpaper. This will create a rough and clean surface for the magnet to bond to.

Step 4

Cleaning the Stock Build Plate

Aggressively clean your stock build surface with isopropyl alcohol. You want to remove any resin, grease, or debris from the surface.

Keep cleaning until your microfiber or paper towel comes back completely clean. You can see in the video that this took a couple of cycles.

Step 6

Applying the Magnet

With the corner now aligned, peel back the rest of the adhesive backing.

Smooth the magnet down as you apply the adhesive, ensuring no air bubbles form.

Step 7

Curing the Magnet

⚠️ The 3M adhesive needs 48-72 hours to cure before the plate is ready is for use. Do not try and use the magnet right away.

We recommend placing a weight on top of your build surface as it cures to help strengthen the bond.

The build plate under a box and gallon of isopropyl :)

Step 8

Optional: Sanding the Flex Plate

Optional: While not needed, sanding the stainless steel flex plate with 400 grit will help increase your print adhesion.

Step 9

Cleaning the Fula-Flex Plate

If you opted to sand your Fula-Flex, thoroughly clean the sanded surface with IPA and a cloth. Clean the Fula-Flex until your cloth or paper towel comes back clean.

Even if you opted not to sand your Fula-Flex plate, you should still clean both surfaces before use.

To ensure a high printing success rate, always thoroughly clean your flex plate in between every print with IPA. Make sure no debris or resin gets between the plate and magnet.

Step 10

Attaching the Fula-Flex plate

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Step 13 

Leveling the Build Surface

Grab a piece of copy paper, and place it directly on top of your screen. We will be using this to ensure that the new home position is the proper distance from the screen.

With the build plate loose, home your 3D printer.

After homed, slide the piece of copy paper in and out, checking for tension.

If the paper is able to move freely with no tension, baby step your Z height down in small increments until it grabs the paper. From this point, you should be able to slide the paper out with some tension.

If the paper is unable to move due to tension, baby step your z-height up in small increments, until you are able to pull the paper out with some tension.

Step 14

Tightening the Build Plate

With the paper still beneath the build surface, tighten all 4 corners of the build platform.

Be careful not to shift the build plate as you are tightening it. This will ruin the leveling.

Tighten diagonally. Green circles first, then blue

Step 16

Start Printing!

Time to start enjoying your new Fula-Flex plate!

Make sure you have allowed the magnet to cure for 48-72 hours before use!

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