Fula-Flex: Resin Edition
Fula-Flex: Resin Edition
Fula-Flex: Resin Edition
Fula-Flex: Resin Edition
Fula-Flex: Resin Edition - Fulament
Fula-Flex: Resin Edition - Fulament

Fula-Flex: Resin Edition


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  • No more scraping parts off the bed! Just remove the spring steel bed and flex the plate to remove your parts! Then just snap it back onto the magnet!
  • Made using quality spring steel, won't bend or warp over time!
  • The strong magnet resists the pull from the FEP, you'll never have to worry about the build plate coming loose.

Technical Specs


Plate Thickness

Spring Steel

Plate Material


Magnet Thickness

Magnet material

Magnet Material

Continuous Printing

Intended for efficiency, wash and cure your prints while still
attached to the plate. Nonstop printing? Slap on a second plate
and keep printing.

Quality 3M Adhesive

From small to large parts, our super strong magnet
was formulated to resist the pulling forces of the FEP. Have
confidence that your prints will succeed every time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Must have for your resin printer

To be honest, I was skeptical about flex build plate before until I tried it. This made removing the prints so easy and effortless. Layer shifting was my biggest concern. But I think the magnetic force is quite strong. It is not easy to move the flex plate laterally and almost impossible to remove the steel plate from the magnet without that little tab. Iā€™m very pleased with this upgrade! I highly recommend it!

Made life easier

I was having issues with removing prints, generally user error to be honest, but this allowed me to have a little more error on my Mars 2P when it came to removing prints. Also with no replacement plates really out there for the 2P, it expands the life span of my plate. Installation was easy, just have to be patient but in the end saves you a lot of time.

Better then cheap ones.

I didn't think these would make any difference then the cheap ones I bought for my creative LD-002R. But the first set I got where cheaper ones on amazon. They slipped alot, but not more then a few mm. That really messes up a print. These plates are very well built and come with better magnets . I got one set for my creative LD-002R and got another for my Mars 2 pro. Also bought me a build plate for my fdm printer also. It was pretty much top quality compared to what I have used in the past.

Safety, quality and convenance all rolled up into one.

The FULA-FLEX is an amazing after market product that dramatically augments the function, and safety of resin 3D printers. FULA-FLEX augments function by allowing allowing quick changes of build surfaces that keep your printer chugging. For safely it eliminates the hazard of scrapers to remove parts from the build plate. I wish I would have had this years ago to prevent headache and injury. It also prevents damage to the build platform since you no longer need to force parts from it. I purchased two to utilize on my Mars 2 Pro. I also installed the shim for the Z-axis. The provided instructions made install a snap...though I couldn't wait for the glue to cure so I could test it out!! I did note during my after install dry tests that the tab extends from the build plate such that it might strike the resin vat while homing. I HIGHLY recommend that after install/leveling users put and empty vat on the machine and home to make sure this tab has clearance so they can determine which way to orient the spring metal plate during prints. Wish I could get something similar for FDM printer. I strongly recommend this product. Thank you Fulament!

Great product, Excellent customer service!

I bought a plate for my Mars P. I did not print the spacer needed before attempting to install said plate. In the process of removing the plate so I could print the spacer I messed up the magnet. I reached out to Fulament and was pleasantly rewarded with a replacement magnet at a discount.
Since I have the spacer now and the build plate is installed it has already been doing work. Anyone looking for and easier way to remove prints, THIS IS IT!
The product itself is great, the customer service is beyond great! Cannot go wrong here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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