Installing Fula-Flex 2.0

Use this guide to install your Fula-Flex 2.0!

Step 1. Selecting a Surface

The first step is to select a surface to apply the magnet to. If your printer comes with a glass or aluminum build plate, you can stick the magnet right on top of either surface.

If your printer has a top plastic build surface, please remove it before installation.

The included magnet is one-time use. So pick wisely :)

Step 2. Cleaning the surface

After selecting your surface, it is very important to ensure it is clean of any dust, grease, or debris before installing.

Wherever you are installing your magnet, make sure it clears any obstacles like clips or prongs.

Thoroughly wipe down your surface using IPA and a microber cloth.

Step 3. Aligning the Magnet

⚠️ The magnet is one-time use. So take your time with this step to ensure that there are no mistakes.

We recommend peeling back the top left corner of the magnet and aligning it with the top left corner of your build plate.

Step 4. Attaching the Magnet

Once your corner is aligned, lift the magnet up from the opposite corner, and start pulling back on the remaining adhesive backing.

Slowly apply and smooth the magnet down with your hand until it is fully attached.

⚠️ Take your time with this step making sure no air bubbles form under the magnet

Step 5. Removing Air Bubbles

Once applied, use a credit card or ID to try and remove any bubbles.

If there are large air bubbles that you can not force out with a card, use a pin to pop them. Getting the pin to penetrate through the magnet will take some force, but the bubble should easily deflate after.

Step 6. Removing the Protective Coating

⚠️ Not all Fula-Flex 2.0 plates have a protective layer. We sometimes pull it off during quality control to check for defects.

Grab your Fula-Flex 2.0 plate and peel the protective plastic off of the Smooth PEI.

An easy indication of whether your Fula-Flex 2.0 has a protective layer is the finish of the plate. If the plate is glossy, then the protective plastic is present. If matte, then you can skip this step as this is the bare PEI.

Green - Glossy Protective Layer

Blue - Matte PEI Surface

Follow these slicer changes for optimal adhesion.

Change your slicer settings to the following: First Layer height: 0.30mm First Layer Width: 125%, PLA Bed Temperature: 70°, PETG Bed Temperature: 90°

All available slicers will have these as editable settings.

Step 8. Attach, Level, and Print!

Do not forget to level before printing. Failure to level will cause the hot nozzle to jam into the new Fula-Flex plate and damage the PEI coating

Attach your Fula-Flex plate to the magnet and re-level the surface!

Congratulations on installing your new Fula-Flex 2.0! You are now ready to start flexing :)

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