Refreshing the Fula-Box Desiccants

Knowing When to Refresh

Fula-Box includes two reusable color-changing desiccant packs. They start off as bright orange and turn into a dark green when saturated with moisture. You will notice the color slowly change over time. The farther away it gets from that bright orange, the less water absorption power it has. Another way to check for saturated desiccants is by monitoring the hydrometer. If you are noticing degraded Fula-Box performance, it might be time for a refresh!

Refresh Using an Oven

We recommend heating the oven to 200-225° Fahrenheit for about 6 hours. Keep an eye on the desiccants to make sure that they are changing color back to orange, and never leave them unattended when heating!

Refresh using a Microwave

While microwaving the desiccants is possible, we do not recommend it. Microwaves vary greatly in power, preventing us from recommending safe times and guidelines. Some microwaves will burn the desiccants after 1 minute of heating, and some will burn them after just 15 seconds. If you do decide to microwave your desiccant packs, start off with short intervals of 10 seconds, with 2-minute breaks in between. Keep a close eye on the plastic casing to make sure it is not melting or deforming. It is normal for the packs to steam during this process; that is the moisture leaving the desiccants. Keep your microwave open during the cool-down periods to allow the steam to leave. Make sure the desiccant packs have cooled down before placing them back into Fula-Box.