E3D Hemera Direct Drive 1.75mm Kit

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Hermes is a next-generation extruder, featuring dual drive gears, a highly constrained filament path, and autoloading compatibility. This results in a complete extrusion system eradicating slipping and grinding, whilst also significantly reducing stringing. Want to print flexible materials? No problem: Hermes prints flexible filament fast, and with ease. Designed to be universal, you can use E3D Hermes as either a direct hot-end or as a bowden extruder. 

Dual Drive 

Hermes is a dual-drive system with a hardened stainless steel drive train. Individually CNC cutting each hobb allows for a round-bottomed root, with a tooth that curves upwards to a robust, sharp tip. The round bottom of the profile strongly resists filament debris wedging into the drive gear and in almost all cases it’s self-cleaning as any debris simply falls off the teeth. 


 Hermes uses a custom motor based off a NEMA17 frame, modified with our endcap designs. This allows the motor itself to be part of the assembly, incorporating features such as bearing pockets and mounting points. Ultimately creating a smaller, more compact system with a lower overall part count.

 There are 4 T-slots on each side of the motor leaving endless mounting opportunities. Utilise one side for mounting to the printer and the other side for sensors, probes and part-cooling fans.

 Filament constraint

 Along with a very short filament path from hobb to meltzone, the filament is tightly constrained. As a result of closely tolerancing all the components, we are also able to achieve a clearance gap between filament drive wheels and heatbreak of only 100um.

This means that flexible filaments such as TPU’s can be printed on Hermes with similar print speeds to PLA. To put it simply, we’ve made printing with flexibles easy!

Improved airflow

An optimised heatsink ensures airflow is diverted up and away from both the HotEnd and the heated bed. This reduces the risk of warping and uneven stresses forming in the printed part; optimised airflow also means we can supply a quieter fan. 

Direct or Bowden

Hermes is interchangeable between Direct and Bowden variants. To create a bowden Hermes, simply remove the hotside and fan, then insert the Hermes bowden adaptor. 

 **Formally known as E-3D Hermes**