Fulament Aluminum Bed

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The new Fulament Aluminum bed is the perfect upgrade for your Sidewinder X1. The flat design allows for the perfect first layer, while the aluminum distributes heat quickly and evenly.  It's time to level up your printing experience with this awesome add-on.

Technical Specifications: 

  • T6-6061 5mm Aluminum Sheet
  • Dimensions: 310 x 310 x 5mm
  • High-temperature magnets, rated for up to 115° C (Magnetic Version Only)
  • 0.20mm flatness, individually tested

Installation Guide Here

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews

    Absolutely worth every penny! Sturdiest build plate I've had on any of my printers. Gread job! Even heating and very easy to keep my build plate level.

    Very even heating

    This bed spreads heat perfectly. I will say that i was hoping since it was thicker aluminum that it would resist bowing with the springs but it does not so be aware of that. I added a bl touch to get around the bowing from how tight i have the bed, its a fantastic upgrade for the heat. I could have the bed flat if i loosened my springs to minimal tension but my nuts to hold the springs must have bad tolerance because they are very lose at that tension and continue to rotate over time so i had to tighten them more which bowed the bed.

    This bed would have been 5 stars had it been cast aluminum. Still worth upgrading though.

    Even heating, flat surface!

    I'm very happy making this upgrade. My stock bed preformed pretty well but had a bit of a noticeable depression in the middle of the bed. This made leveling a bit challenging and I think caused some print failures, or at least some print errors (knocking over supports, spewing little bits of filament where the support was expected) on large prints that took up the whole build plate.

    This bed is dead flat. Leveling the corners gives me consistent level across the plate. The plate being so much thicker and of a different material does take considerably longer to heat. I don't mind this as most prints I run are 10-150hrs. What's an extra 10min? I measured the heat with an infrared temperature probe and it's even across the bed. I did have to increase the bed temperature to 70C to get the actual surface of the Fulament PEI sheet to be around 60. But again, it's an even heat distribution.

    Very happy!

    Grande Prodotto Ditta SERIA

    Il piatto è perfettamente a livello,arriva a temperatura molto velocemente ,installazione semplicissima LO CONSIGLIO A TUTTI

    Fulament never disappoints

    Everything I buy from Fulament is "top of the line" - they always meet or most likely beat my expectations the aluminum bed is no exception. Nothing flimsy, it is a heavyweight flat piece of metal that will probably outlast the printer.
    Bahij, keep up the good work!

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