Fulament Spring Steel PEI Flex Bed 235mm by 235mm

Fulament Spring Steel PEI Flex Bed 235mm by 235mm

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New flex bed from Fulament will put an end to the pain of
scraping parts of the bed. Just print and when you are
Finished, wait for the bed to cool, pick up the bed and flex
it to release the parts. The steel plate comes with two
bubble-free PEI surfaces making for great first layer adhesion.
The textured surface leaves a nice matte finish, where
the smooth surface leaves a glossy, glass like finish.
And the included high-temperature magnetic sticker allows
for bed temperatures up to 130℃ celsius

Compatible printers
Ender 3 / Pro / X
Anet A8
Ender 5
Monoprice Maker Select V1 / V2 / Plus (Flex plate is slightly larger than build plate)
Wanhao i3 V.1 / Plus
Any printer with a build plate close to 235 by 235mm!

Fulament LLC-
Our PLA material is sourced locally from the U.S!
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Designed in the U.S!

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