Fula-Mat Super Adhesion PC Sticker Mats (Pack of Three)

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Having adhesion problems? This specialty PC mat is built to adheres to exotic and difficult materials. Great for use with PETG, nylon, TPU, PC, ABS, and other filaments known to warp. Print while hot, and pry parts once cooled. This mat loves sticking to prints, so make sure your first layer is correctly leveled! This sticker can be slapped ontop of any existing build plate or surface. Already have our PEI flex plate? You can stick this on the back to turn this into a flexible magnetic mat. 

Product Description

  • Designed for rough materials that dont like to stick such as PETG, nylon, TPU, PC, ABS, ASA, and many more!
  • Temperature resistant sticker allows you heat the plate up to 130℃!
  • The  sticker uses 3M adhesive and leaves no residue behind when removed!
  • Product comes in packs of 3, use them for multiple printers or keep spares!


Compatible Printers 

Compatibility Chart
310mm 235mm
CR-10 / S / Mini Ender 3 / Pro / X
Sidewinder X1 Anet A8 
Monoprice MP10 Ender 5
JG Aurora Wanhao i3 V.1 / Plus
Anet A8 Plus Two Trees Bluer
Tevo Tornado  Any 3D printer close to 235mm
 x 235mm
Anet E10/ A6  
Any 3D printer close to 310mm x 310mm  


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