Genius Fula-Bed (Pre-Order) Build Plate Fulament
Genius Fula-Bed (Pre-Order) Build Plate Fulament
Genius Fula-Bed (Pre-Order) Build Plate Fulament
Genius Fula-Bed (Pre-Order) Build Plate Fulament

Genius Fula-Bed

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Ever struggle with a warped bed? Or glass that doesn’t heat evenly?

Most FDM printing failures occur at the bed for these exact two reasons.

Stop worrying about your parts coming loose mid-print, and get back to focusing on printing. Fula-Bed was designed to finally solve these major bed problems that almost all stock beds have - lack of flatness & poor heating.

With Fula-Bed, you can say goodbye to your stock bed and finally:

  •  Print those 3 day long life-sized helmets with confidence.
  •  Fill up your build plate from edge to edge with parts.
  •  Print higher temperature materials with little warping.
  •  Fula-Bed completely redefines what you can do with your printer.


Artillery Genius

May Fit: 

Artillery Hornet
Genius Pro
  • Fula-Bed will mount to the Genius Pro correctly and make correct use of the flex plate pins.
  • Fulament Upgraded Heater is not compatible with the Genius Pro.
  • The strain relief tab will be in the incorrect position for the Genius Pro.
      Fulament Heater Upgrade:

      Fulament Heater Upgrade

      Fula-Flex 2.0:

      Fula-Flex 2.0

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      Genius Fula-Bed

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      3D Printing Has Never Been Easier Before

      Why Upgrade to Fula-Bed?


      With 0.10mm flatness, Fula-Bed makes it easy & enjoyable to print across the full bed

      Even Heat Distribution

      Designed specifically for each printer, Fula-Bed has built-in cable strain relief, ensuring your heater stands the test of time and built-in flex plate alignment pins, allowing you to line up your flex plate quickly