Longer Fula-Flex: Resin Edition

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How many times have you broken a print trying to scrape it off the build plate? How many times have you accidentally nicked your hand with a scraper? (If the answer to both those questions is none, count your blessings) Fula-Flex: Resin Edition is the solution to your printing pains. Just throw on the included magnet, then snap, print, flex. It's as easy as that. Built with Stainless Steel and a chemical-resistant magnet, Fula-Flex: Resin Edition is built to outlive your printer.


Unlike the other cheap flex plates that use spring steel, we sprung for 302-grade Stainless Steel—ensuring that your flexplate will flex for the duration of your life, and your kid's life, without ever rusting.


Wash, cure, and remove the print from your flexplate without the printing platform ever leaving the printer. Remove the stainless steel plate, and slap on a second flexplate for a 0 down-time printing experience.

Package Includes

  • (x1) Stainless Steel Sheet
  • (x1) Magnetic sheet with 3M adhesive

Tech Specs

 Plate Material  Stainless Steel
Plate Thickness 0.5mm
Magnet Thickness 1.75mm


Click here for installation guide


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