Standard PLA Series - Orange

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The everyday filament perfected. A perfectly wound spool, tight tolerances, and quality materials to give you those perfect prints at an affordable price. Each spool comes with a resealable airtight bag, built-in filament gauge, and several mounting points for your loose filament ends. From start to finish, this filament was built for convenience and ease of use. 


  • Material: PLA 
  • Size: 1Kg of filament
  • Net Weight: 1.3kg
  • Diameter: 1.75mm (+/- 0.03mm) 


  • Extrusion Temperature: 200-230

  • Bed Temperature: 0-60

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Your new go-to

Affordable, convenient, consistent quality was the sole objective

Vibrant, Eye-popping

Never run out

New filament window lets you know just how much filament is left

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
This has become my top filament for when I want a great looking print

If I'm going to paint the print and it has a lot of small details this is now my go-to filament(If I'm just printing something for my granddaughter that will get lost or broken then I use a cheaper filament). The non-matte filament doesn't have a gloss filament and it makes post-processing easier. I would like to also see a lighter grey filament.

Hi Ronald I am a very glad that you are enjoying our Standard PLA SERIES- Charcoal Grey. We are here to provide the best products, thank you for your support

Not all white pigments are white

I haven't been disappointed in any of Fulament's products yet and this PLA is no exception. It is truly opaque, bright white and neutral in color (no cold or warm cast). To me white is the most difficult filament to get right for a manufacturer and they have got this nailed. GOOD WORK

Thank you for your excellent review. We are happy that you like our products!

Love It

When you own a 3d printing company its hard to find good filament but this stuff is epic cause for sure. Prints well and looks awesome. Its hard to find a darker orange filament but this works awesome as a darker orange if u need that.

Thanks for the awesome review! We work very hard to provide great filament and it makes our day to see customers enjoying our products!

Great stuff

When you own a 3d printing company its hard to find good filament but this stuff is epic cause for sure. Prints well and looks awesome.

As Expected!

What can I say, the filament is great as expected. If you haven't ordered from Fulament before, they pride themselves in quality and customer feedback and they deliver on this. I mean to the point the owner of the company will follow up with you and make sure you are satisfied. I have used a good amount of filaments from really cheap brands like Inland to expensive brands like Polymaker and this filament easily is a premium quality filament without breaking the bank. It comes well packaged with a resealable bag and a very descriptive filament gauge (5 different filament levels from 200g to 1000g). If you are a maker and rely on minimizing waste, this will save you time and filament. The filament prints well and prints on the higher side of PLA but each printer will vary. Overall, I think it is a competitively priced filament and will be the PLA I will use for the foreseeable future.

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