Best Marvel STL files to 3D Print in 2022

Best Marvel STL files to 3D Print in 2022

Best Marvel STL files to 3D Print in 2022

Are you a Marvel fan with a 3D printer? Here is a list of our five favorite Marvel 3D prints to help you build your mini army of Iron Man, Spiderman, Black Panther, and Baby Groot prints!

  • Iron Man Pencil Holder
  • Captain America Bust
  • Spiderman Bust
  • Baby Groot Planter
  • Black Panther Bust

Iron Man 3D Print Pencil Holder

Filament: Fulament Silk PLA Series - Gold & Matte PLA Series - Red

Thingiverse Link

Author: JesusShaves

Price: Free

This isn’t a full-scale Ironman helmet 3D print (we didn’t have enough time), but this will have to do for now. It’s an excellent addition to any desk and immensely useful. We couldn’t help but print the main helmet in matte red and the facemask in our silk gold. The result is a beautifully contrasting Iron Man 3D print.

Captain America .STL

Filament: Fulament Matte PLA Series - Light Blue


Author: Eastman3D

Price: Free

This awesome Captain America STL file highlights detail while being a reasonably effortless print for any printer! Our Matte Light Blue PLA does a great job hiding any layer lines and is an excellent example print. We’ve brought this print to every tradeshow in the last six months (MRRF, Orlando Makerfaire, Rochester Makerfaire), and I’m sure he’ll be hitting the road with us in 2022!

Spiderman Bust .STL

Filament: Fulament Matte PLA Series - Red

Prusa Printers

Author: SL3D

Price: Free

Another great bust. The Marvel bust STLs are unmatched in design and belong on a shelf together. Perfect for any Spiderman (or Tom Holland) fans!

Baby Groot Planter

Filament: Fulament Matte PLA Series - Brown

Prusa Printers

Author: masemenonasaku

Price: Free

Okay, now this one is just adorable. This Groot STL planter is another welcome addition of planters to our office. Ignore all the blemishes and defects in the print. Our 0.80mm nozzle profile needs some work. We’ve been playing around with the Bondtech CHT nozzles and having a blast! Unfortunately, our print quality has been suffering in the meantime.

Black Panthar Bust .STL

Filament: Fulament Standard PLA Series - Red

Prusa Printers

Author: Jp Powers

Price: Free

I should have just printed this in matte black. My hate for glossy black filament aside, this is a beautiful model of a Black Panther Bust. It captures an astonishing amount of detail, not that you can tell from this overly glossy black PLA.

Did you guys enjoy this new series? If this is something you want to see more of in the future, please let us know in the comments!(And share your favorite files)

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