Expanding our team!

We have had a very successful first 6 months and are rapidly expanding. Part of our expansion is the exciting addition of new staff members in order to improve operations and provide even better service to our customers!

Meet the team!

Lead Content Manager - Ali Alobaidi

Ali Alobaidi is a full-time junior software engineer at Wellsheet. Ali has a huge passion for building great software as well as a vast majority of experience with designing web apps and mobile apps. Ali is driven and motivated to ensure all content supplied to Fulament customers is helpful, communicative, and engaging. Ali will be spearheading our new and coming blog as well as our weekly newsletter. 

Product Developer - Ming Liang Lin

Ming is a mechanical engineering student at Stevens Institute of Technology with a love for innovation. He is skilled in CAD design, 3D printing, and manufacturing. Ming' s passion for innovation in the engineering field keeps him on the constant lookout for exciting and modern technology. Ming is working on designing new and innovative products to add to the Fulament product chain. 

Content Developer - Mohammed Alobaidi

Mohammed has been creating content for multiple media companies and startups for the past 3 years. He specializes in branding, marketing, and engaging with audiences on all social media platforms. Mo is mainly focusing on increasing Fulament's social media presence on Facebook and Instagram in a genuinely exciting way. 

Inventory Manager - Sarah Nemeh

Sarah was brought to the team because of her exceptional organization skills. She has completely redesigned our packaging and shipping workflow resulting in a more efficient and streamlined process.  

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  • Robert Roberts

    been looking for a place to write you. I have the Artillary Genius. I saw a pack of control boards for sale and I was making sure the pack had a ribbon cable break out board with it.

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