Fula-Bed Updates #2

Fula-Bed Updates #2

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After 9 months of hard work, we are finally nearing the end! I hope that this will be the last update we provide before Fula-Bed starts showing up at your front door. The previous delays with our epoxy supplier gave us extra machining time to make more plates. So it looks like Wave 1, 2, and part of 3 will be shipping at the same time. Unfortunately, it does look like we are going to be missing the Nov 3rd delivery date, but only by a little. At this point, everything has completed production, except for Fula-Flex, which should be finished over this weekend. Everything is slated to ship next week from our suppliers to our warehouse, and we should receive it 6-8 days after. They day we receive the shipment will be the day we start shipping them to you. We've already started prepping for their arrival by pre-assembling screw kits, boxes, and shipping labels. Meaning some of you will start seeing shipping emails with your tracking numbers :) Thank you everyone for your patience with us. It's been quite the journey for us and we've learned a lot along the way. I know I've said this a million times, but we've truly never been so excited as a team to release a product. I think you'll all agree that it was worth the wait. To lighten up the day, I thought I would include a video of us testing the packaging :) 

Thank you 

-Bahij and the Fulament team  


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