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After creating Fula-Bed, our ultra-flat, high-temperature, magnetic aluminum bed, we realized the stock heater of the Sidewinder X1 was capping its performance. The heater on the X1 is plagued by uneven heating and reliability issues. We set out to not just fix the problems but to take them to the next level. We created the perfect side-kick for the Fula-Bed, featuring edge-to-edge heating, PTFE sleeved wires, a built-in thermal fuse, mesh-sleeving, capable of sustaining a 150°C. A heater built to tackle high-temperature materials such as ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate, and more! 


Safety was our main objective when we set out to design the product. We wanted to provide customers with a high-performance heater while instilling confidence in its safety measures. Each heater features a built-in thermal fuse, designed to trip if the heater ever exceeds a safe temperature, PTFE insulated wires to prevent the sheathing from ever wearing out and shorting, and a ground cable as a redundancy in case it ever does. We were also very selective with our manufacturer, landing on a U.S based company, with production in the U.K.

        WHY PRE-ORDERS? 

        The last time our aluminum bed was in stock, we sold 650 units in just a few weeks and have been out of stock for months. We are using pre-orders as a tool to help us project inventory for each size and as a way to build a rolling production schedule. Pre-orders will allow us to consistently maintain healthy stock levels for the future. 


        We plan to keep pre-orders open on a rolling "wave" basis. Each wave has a certain number of slots available and an estimated delivery time. The earlier the wave, the earlier the delivery time! We will continuously update what wave number we are currently taking orders on.


        Current Wave: 3

        Wave # Estimated Shipping Date Delivery Status
        Wave 1 10/13/21


        New ETA: 11/03

        Wave 2 10/27/21


        New ETA: 11/03

        Wave 3 11/10/21 On-time
        Wave 4 11/24/21 On-time
        Wave 5 12/9/21 On-time



        We are working around the clock to ensure that the Fula-Bed will reach you on time, but we will not sacrifice quality for speedier delivery. We want to make a product that is worth waiting for! While we have planned and do not foresee any delays, supply chains are in a very tough spot right now, and delays are possible. We will do our due diligence in updating this sheet and customers on the production status, good or bad. 

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