The Fula-Flex: Resin Edition magnet was designed and tested to firmly hold both the stainless steel plate and print in place while in use. However, in certain circumstances, the FEP pulling forces are able to overcome the magnet and shift the plate. Thankfully this can be fixed very easily with just a few diagnostic steps.

Clean Both Sides of the Stainless Steel

The leading cause for a sliding magnet is leftover resin getting trapped between the flexplate and the magnet. The excess resin prevents the plate from making proper contact with the magnet and gives it a slippery surface to move around on. Always clean both sides of your Fula-Flex with IPA in between prints and allow it to dry before attaching to the magnet.

Double-Up When Leveling 

The second leading cause for a sliding Fula-Flex is excess FEP pulling forces. We recommend re-leveling the build plate, and doubling up on whatever material you are using to level (paper or FEP). This will create a larger gap between your FEP and flex plate during printing and may require an extra 5-10 seconds of base layer curing time.

Lower your Z-Lift Speed

Lastly, we recommend decreasing your Z-lift speed setting in the slicer. This controls how fast your build plate detaches the print from the FEP after each layer. Try lowering your current Z-lift speed by 5mm/min until shifting stops.

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