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Each time I print with a new color it becomes my favorite - this is great filament


This is a beautiful filament - gorgeous color - prints like a dream - good adhesion - shows detail perfectly - hides layer lines - what more can you ask for - I wish I could give it more stars

Awesome addition

This thing has been an awesome addition to my new magnetic aluminum bed. Easy leveling and great adhesion. I’ve even managed to go 3-4 prints before cleaning the bed with isopropyl with no peeling or curling (thou I can’t guarantee those results for you!)

Absolute necessity for my resin printer

I now own 3 fula-flex plates for my Phrozen Sonic Mini printers, and I couldn't operate without them. Gone are the days of using brute force to remove my builds from the build plate...a process that typically resulted in some degree of damage to the build. Now the removal process only takes a few seconds and ensures that the build is protected. Considering the very reasonable cost, this is easily one of the best investments I've made. My only advice is to make sure that you sand the top and bottom surface of the spring steel with this has helped with keeping the spring steel securely in place on the magnet, as well as ensuring that your builds stick to the plate.

Amazing product!

I've never owned a 3d printer before and after installing the aluminum bed it has taught me that it's not my fault that I couldn't level properly for good adhesion. This upgrade is absolutely necessary if you are sick and tired of dealing with the glass bed. I actually replaced my glass bed 2x and it was never truly flat.
I was able to get my prints to stick with some tweaks even without the pei sheet.(still waiting to buy one once they restock) Before that i had to use rafts on the glass bed but now just use skirts on the aluminum bed.

Matte White PLA

The Matte White PLA is my second purchase with Fulament. I love this filament! I get excellent results and the matte white gives my prints a beautiful finish. I am really looking forward to their Silk line.

This Matte Filament is Awesome!!

I got a roll of the blue matte filament and it's awesome! It prints like butter! I printed a ton of stuff and everything came out very good. The quality and wind of the roll was great and the color was awesome! It was my fist time printing with Fulament and I would recommend it to anyone!

Great Product but needs extra hardware for Elegoo Mars 2 pro

Without even using the product i know this will be an amazing product simple because the fact that you will never have to chip off your part because of how well it stuck. Just a little bend and BOOM part comes off. The only downside is that the m3 screens that hold the z endstop are too short with the spacer in thingiverse, if they could include it or leave a link for it in the thingiverse page that would be amazing.


Leveled perfectly, no more dips in the middle, holds heat better to the edges of the bed, all around amazing upgrade.

Amazing quality and color!

This filament is gorgeous! It prints amazingly well and the matte finish is fantastic! The clear spool is a nice touch so it's easy to see how much is left and it's wound very nicely. I found printing around 200 C works well on my Sidewinder X1. Can't wait to try the other colors!

Best filament I've tried!

This is my new favorite filament! It prints beautifully you can hardly see any layer lines. On my Ender 3 V2 I find that printing around 200/60 works great. The spools are wound much nicer than other filaments I've tried and the matte finish is fantastic!

Very nice stuff for the money!

This stuff works like a charm. I had to purchase mine from Amazon during the shortage but it has printed like a charm. Excellent sheen, solid print quality, and great adhesion on the bed. A++

Great Product

Excellent heating with even dispersion and superior bed level. Combined with a flex plate or pei sheet it has great adhesion too

Amazing Upgrade

Another great Fulament product! Heats up evenly and it's perfectly flat. The integrated magnets are strong and hold the dual-sided PEI flex plate without issues. Better than the stock warped glass bed.

Matte Grey PLA Rocks!

This is my first purchase from Fulament, but it won't be my last. The matte grey PLA is terrific! I get excellent, predictable results every time. A++

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro

Make sure you get the spacer file off thingverse and 2 small 10-12 mm m3 screws to attach spacer! This plate is awesome! Printed my base's directly to the build plate no scraping. I just took off the plate and they fell off! Jaw drop! Minis just literally popped into my cleaning bin did not have to move the plate at all. I got this as my large printer does all the heavy lifting and wanted to keep little guy in service doing bases. Printed flat on plate just to see. Popped right off! Now if you'd sell just the plate for a spare hint hint! I use a Anycubic Photon metal vat on my Elegoo mars 2 pro I had to turn the tab around to the back of the build plate and off she goes! 140mmx84mm fits perfectly!


Muy contento con todos sus productos, gracias a ustedes pude reparar mis artillerys

Great upgrade

The bed is really flat and heats up quickly. Super easy to install. Great investment.

Great product

Overall I am extremely happy with the plate. I had a question about the plate and it was address extremely quickly. The only issue I have seen and not really an issue more of a personal item is the company name on both sides. This has only been an issue when I was doing a test exposure as the name showed on the print however normal prints have been fine. I mentioned this to support team and it has been noted and I was not the only one to mention this. I have had zero issue with my prints sticking to the plate and the magnet is extremely strong. I would highly recommend this product and looking forward to order more items from them.

Not for the Sidewinder X1

This is only a 150w 6.25a. My original X1 powersupply is 200w 8.5a

Awesome Flex

This is an AWESOME flex plate. Very easy to install. Takes no time at all to remove parts. I mainly use it for when I'm printing small things that would take longer to remove from the bare printer bed. The textured side is my favorite. Very nice finish!!!

3D Prints like butter!

This filament is extremely easy to 3D print with. I love the matte look on my 3D prints too. I will definitely be ordering more of the Matte PLA colors. Keep up the great quality, Fulament. :)

Replaced dead motor, works flawlessly

I had my stock stepper motor die due to unknown reasons, this was a perfect plug and play replacement.

Great kit

This is a great kit to have for the sidewinder x1. This composes most of the mechanical components of the hot end, so the parts most likely to fail are in this inexpensive kit.

Identical to factory insulation

Perfect replacement, good adhesion.