Standard PETG Series - Light Blue

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Designed for practical parts. Our robust PETG formula can stand the test of time with its durability. A perfectly wound spool, tight tolerances, and quality materials to give you those perfect prints at an affordable price. Each spool comes with a resealable airtight bag, built-in filament gauge, and several mounting points for your loose filament ends. From start to finish, this filament was built for convenience and ease of use. 


  • Material: Standard PETG 
  • Filament Weight: 1kg 
  • Net Weight: 1.3kg
  • Diameter: 1.75mm (+/- 0.03mm) 


  • Extrusion Temperature: 220-250

  • Bed Temperature: 80-100

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Customer Reviews

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Super clean and easy to print

I have a roll of the charcoal grey which is a really rich deep grey with an extremely high gloss. It prints super easily and looks fantastic. Definitely going to be a go-to from now on.

Best PETG Yet!

I usually hate working with PETG. I can never get it to stick to the build plate and when it does I am never 100% satisfied with the results. I order the Green PETG a few weeks ago when I need to print some strong mounts for some new Hemeras I got for one of my printers. I was hoping this would be ok since I have used the matte pla+ Fulament sells and it was a really nice and easy product to work with. Right of the bat I was suprised that the filament stuck to my build plate, which is one of the fula-flex 2.0 textured side. After dialing in my slicer settings this has been working just like PLA. I love the look too, fulament always seems to have some really nice looking filaments. Overall, I am happy with the filament and if I need or want to print in PETG again I will be buying it here. Thanks Fulament for the great products.

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