Fula-Flex: Resin Edition

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Package Includes

  • (x1) Spring Steel Sheet
  • (x1) Magnetic sheet with 3M adhesive

Tech Specs

 Plate Material  Stainless Steel
Plate Thickness 0.5mm
Magnet Thickness 1.75mm


Click here for installation guide

Printer Compatibility

 102mm x 59mm

  • Longer Orange 10
  • Photon Zero
  • Sparkmaker Original

124mm x 70mm

  • Phrozen Sonic Mini/Shuffle (Lite)
  • Kudo Bean
  • Longer Orange 30

 130mm x 72mm

  • Prusa SL1

130mm x 80mm

  • Epax X1 , X1-N & E6
  • Hieha SQ1

132mm x 83mm

  • Epax X1 K, X1 K6"


      135mm x 75mm

      • Elegoo Mars
      • Elegoo Mars Pro 
      • Wanhao D7
      • Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K
      • Monoprice Deluxe SLA

        135mm x 80mm

        • Anycubic Mono
        • Anycubic Photon 
        • Anycubic Photon S
        • Anycubic Photon Mono SE
        • Qidi Shadow 5.5S

        138mm x 78mm 

        • Creality LD-002R
        • Nova 3D Elfin
        • Zortrax Inkspire


        138mm x 85mm 

        • Creality LD-002H

        140mm x 84mm

        • Elegoo Mars 2 Pro
        • Nova3D Bene 4

        140mm x 89mm

        • Voxelab Polaris
        • Qidi Shadow 6

        142mm x 90mm 

        • Voxelab Proxima 

        150mm x 150mm

        • Formlabs Form 1, 2, & 3 

        192mm x 120mm

        • Elegoo Saturn V1

        192mm x 126mm

        • Saturn V.3

        195mm x 122mm

        • Phrozen Shuffle Xl (2018, 2019)
        • Phrozen Shuffle XL Lite 2920
        • Phrozen Make XL
        • Phrozen Sonic XL 4K
        • Creality LD-006

        196mm x 126mm

        • Elegoo Saturn V2 

        198mm x 120mm 

        • Creality LD-003

        199mm x 130mm

        • Uniz IBee


        200mm x 125mm

        • Phrozen Sonic Mighty


        202mm x 128mm

        • Anycubic Mono X
        • Anycubic Photon X
        • Smart Kumitsu KL9

        219mm x 140mm

        • Kelant S400 / S400S / S500/ S500S
        • Qidi S-Box

        225mm x 145mm 

        • Epax X10
        • X10 8.9
        • X10 10.1" 2K Color 
        • X10 8.9K Mono


        232mm x 141mm 

        • Epax E10 

          286mm x 165mm

          • Peopoly Phenom

            294mm x 168mm

            • Phrozen Transform
            • Phrozen Transform Fast

              305mm x 177mm 

              • Epax X133
              • Epax X133 4K Mono
              • Phenom Noir

              368mm x 219mm

              • Peopoly Phenom L 
              • Epax X156
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              Resin Printing made easy. Transform your printing experience with hassle free part removal


              Made from Stainless Steel, you'll never have to worry about rust or corrosion. The authentic 3M adhesive on the magnet ensures long term durability, with easy clean up incase of removal!


              Resin prints can be very delicate, easily ruined by scrapers. From now on, easily flex your prints off the bed. Adding convenience and safety at the same time!


              With 26 sizes and counting, our resin flex plate fits most resin 3D printers! Just stick on the magnet, let it cure and get to printing. If there is a size you need that we don't have, just reach out!

              From our customers


              The FULA-FLEX is an amazing after market product that dramatically augments the function, and safety of resin 3D printers. FULA-FLEX augments function by allowing allowing quick changes of build surfaces that keep your printer chugging.

              M. Hitchler

              I now own 3 fula-flex plates for my Phrozen Sonic Mini printers, and I couldn't operate without them. Gone are the days of using brute force to remove my builds from the build plate...a process that typically resulted in some degree of damage to the build.

              S. Carr


              Stainless Steel

              Custom Built

              Extra Strong Magnet

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 18 reviews
              Great Plates!!!

              These are the best plates ive ever used!!! Parts come off super easy and the plates seem to be virtually invincible. I highly recommend them from someone who uses them in a production capacity.

              Thank you Brian! It makes our day to see customers enjoying our products :)

              Best magnetic build plates

              I purchased one magnet build plate for my elegoo mars and loved it soo much had to purchased for my saturn and my epax x156. These work awesome

              Love this product.

              Bought this for my Longer Orange 30. Getting prints off is so easy now. Everything seems sturdy. My only critique would be the laser engraving on the flex plate. It if you are printing anything plated, it will have the logo on it. I've been told they are fixing this in future iterations. Make sure to follow the instructions. I really recommend leaving the magnet to set for 72 hours.

              Must have for your resin printer

              To be honest, I was skeptical about flex build plate before until I tried it. This made removing the prints so easy and effortless. Layer shifting was my biggest concern. But I think the magnetic force is quite strong. It is not easy to move the flex plate laterally and almost impossible to remove the steel plate from the magnet without that little tab. I’m very pleased with this upgrade! I highly recommend it!

              Made life easier

              I was having issues with removing prints, generally user error to be honest, but this allowed me to have a little more error on my Mars 2P when it came to removing prints. Also with no replacement plates really out there for the 2P, it expands the life span of my plate. Installation was easy, just have to be patient but in the end saves you a lot of time.

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