Fula-Flex 2.0

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  • No more scraping parts off the bed! Just remove the spring steel bed and flex the plate to remove your parts! Then just place it back down to magnetically snap it into place
  • Made using quality spring steel and a 0.3mm thick PEI coating, almost twice as thick as the competition! 
  • Temperature resistant mat allows you to print in materials like PETG and ABS without an issue! (Maximum 130℃)

Improvements from V1.0

  • Spring steel thickness increased to 0.5mm! Get that same satisfying flex with increased resistance to warpage! 
  • Increased durability with new and thicker PEI! Now 0.3mm thick! 
  • Refined powder coating for a smoother, finer finish!  

Package Includes

  • (x1) Spring Steel PEI, with pre-applied PEI
  • (x1) Magnetic sheet with 3M adhesive

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome addition

This thing has been an awesome addition to my new magnetic aluminum bed. Easy leveling and great adhesion. I’ve even managed to go 3-4 prints before cleaning the bed with isopropyl with no peeling or curling (thou I can’t guarantee those results for you!)

Best Flex Plate

I have four of the dual sided plates for my printers. I had purchased several other plates some cheaper, and some more expensive than Fulaments, however this one has by far outperformed the others (Wham Bam, Creality).

The surface both stuck well without having to use hairspray, glue or other to get print stick. Prints released easily from the plate. The surface has held up well after almost of year of constant use, and still remains flat. Other flex plates I have had to use binder clips on the edges with large prints because the flex plate was not sticking well enough to the magnetic bed, and would curl up on the edges. I have not had that same issue with the Fulament flex plate.

One of the best plates in the business!!

I am absolutely impressed with the flex bed, filament adheres to it well and pops off the plate easily. I have been using mine almost every day just over a year now, and the plate has still remain flat, and has not warped. I purchased one to try it out and immediately purchased another for my second printer.


When I first started in FDM 3D printing there was a lot of hype about flex plates especially like Wham Bam's. I was nervous at first to purchase this one but I decided to take a leap of faith based on the great feedback and experiences people had with it in Facebook Forums. I can tell you that it was the BEST upgrade that I ever did to my stock printers!! No more scrapping the glass bed trying to pry parts off or having to wait until the bed cools to remove a part. These sheets effortlessly release models with a simple bend. After a week of using one, I ended up getting one for my other fdm printer and eventually even my resin printer. Don't let the competitive price fool you, this is a quality made product and a company that truly stands behind their products and service.

Makes life 3D printing life much easier

I got the Double sided Fula-flex 1.0 at February 2020 I believe. I was exited from the moment I bought it and I still am excited to be having it. When you print anything in print surface you usually have to wait for the bed to cool down or use a scraper that make your print bed so dirty. With this you just have to flex and it comes off. For the adhesion, it was really good for few months then it started to warp. But I asked the customer service and they recommended me to increase the temp and it never warped again! So definitely good adhesion and good customer service. And this is for the 1.0 so this should be even better. I would totally recommend it.

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High Quality Materials


The build plate perfected. Featuring thicker PEI and spring steel, a finer powder coating, and an improved high temperature magnet, the Fula-Flex 2.0 blows the competition out of the water. Kiss goodbye to your scrapers! From now on, just snap, print, and flex! Pick the option of two different finishes, catering to your aesthetic and material needs. 

Technical Specs

  • Spring Steel Thickness: 0.05mm
  • Smooth PEI Thickness: 0.03mm
  • Magnet Temperature Rating: Up to 130℃

Package Includes

  • (x1) Spring Steel PEI (Single or Double Sided) 
  • (x1) Magnetic Sheet with 3M Adhesive

Material Recommendations 

Textured Surface

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • PETG
  • TPU
  • Nylon

Smooth Surface

  • PLA
  • ABS

Printer Compatibility 

220mm x 220mm 

  • Anet A8
  • Cocoon 3D Printer
  • Wanhao Duplicator i3 V1 / Plus 
  • Ultimaker 1 & 2
  • Monoprice Maker Select Plus / Ultimate / V2
  • Any printer with a 220mm x 220mm build plate!

235mm x 235mm 

  • Creality Ender 3 / Pro / V2
  • Creality Cr-20
  • Ender 5
  • Artillery Genius 
  • Any printer with a 235mm x 235mm build plate!

310mm x 310mm 

  • Creality & Hictop CR-10 / S
  • Sidewinder X1
  • JG Aurora A5 / X
  • Tevo Black Widow
  • Folger Tech FT-5
  • Elf CoreXy
  • Any printer with a 310mm x 310mm build size!